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Advanced Python 3

Course Information

  • Place Vijayanagar,Bengaluru
  • Total Students 10
  • Course Duration 12 Weeks
  • Course Start 1st Week of Every Month


Advanced Python 3

1. What you should already know about Python Introduction, Language Evolution, Python Reserved Words and Other Rules, Documentation, The string Class, Variables, DataTypes, Boolean and Numeric Types, Strings, Lists, Sets, Sequences, Looping Through Sequences, Dictionaries, Bit Manipulation, Functions, Modules, Standard Input and Output, File Input and Output, Some File Tests
2. Data Structures Range, List Comprehensions, Nested List Comprehensions, Dictionary Comprehensions, Dictionaries with Compound Values, Processing Lists in Parallel, Specialized Sorts, Time Functionality, Generators
3. Writing GUIs in Python Introduction, Components and Events, The tk Widget, Button Widgets, Entry Widgets, Text Widgets, Checkbutton Widgets, Radiobutton Widgets, Listbox Widgets, Frame Widgets, Menu Widgets, Toplevel Widgets, Dialogs
4. Python and CGI Scripts What is CGI, HTML, HTML Forms, HTML Tables, The CGI Script, Rendering of the Script
5. Module The Environment, Creating a Process, Listing Files, Other Process Methods, File Information (Metadata), Working with Directories
6. Network Programming Networking Fundamentals, The Client/Server Module, The socket Module, The Client & Server Program, An Evaluation Client and Server, A Threaded Server
7. What You Might Not Already Know What is an Iterable?, Creating Your Own Iterators, Generators, The Functions any and all, Thread Fundamentals, Synchronization, Signals, The Python Debugger, The with Statement, Data Compression
8. Python and Databases Introduction, DBM Operations, Pickling, Pickling with Complex Objects, Shelves, Using sqlite3, Executing Queries, Table Descriptions, Writing Database Scripts

Title No of Hour's
1. Advanced 60