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Responsive Web Design

Course Information

  • Place Vijayanagar,Bengaluru
  • Total Students 10
  • Course Duration 12 Weeks
  • Course Start 1st Week of Every Month



Introduction to html,HTML Basic Document, HTML Tags, Form Tag, Basic HTML Examples, HTML Elements and Attributes, Heading, Paragraphs, Font, Styles & Text formatting, HTML Hyperlink, Images, Tables, Lists, Forms & Frames, Links, Iframe & Color values, HTML Layout & Charaters, More Examples


Introduction to html5 HTML5 Sematic, New Form Input Type, HTML5 New Tags, HTML5 Form Element & Attribute Element, HTML5 Canvas , Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG), HTML5 Audio & Video, Drag/Drop & Geolocation, More Examples


Introduction to CSS, Text Styling & Others Basics, Style Sheets & Margins, Padding, Border,Background,Font & Images, Tables, Page Layout & Property, Styling Forms, Grouping & Nesting, CSS Positioning & Layout, Combinators ,Pseudo Classes, Media Types & Queries, More Examples


Introduction to CSS3, CSS3 Borders, Background, Font &Text Effect, Gradients & Shadows, 2D transformas & 3D transforms, Animations & Multiple Columns, Media Queries for Responsive Design, Rounding corners & Creating Transparency, Creating Shadows & Webfonts, Transitions , Transforms & Animation, More Examples


Introduction to Javascript, Javascript Location, External & Operator, Javascript Variables, Functions & Event, Javascript Statements, Comments & Array, Alert, Confirm , Prompt & Print, Redirect, Popup & Date, Forms, Strings & Length, Split , Search & Replace, Javascript getElementById & innerHTML, More Examples, Sample Project, Interview Questions and Answers


Introduction, Install jQuery, Syntax jQuery, Selectors jQuery, Events jQuery, Effects jQuery, Hide Show, Fading, Sliding, Animations, Stop, Callback, Chaining Html, Get, Set Contents, Css Method, Dimensions, Traversing, Siblings, Filtering, Ajax Introduction, Ajax Load, Ajax Get Post, More Examples


Introduction, Overview, Why AngularJs?, Core Features, Advantages & Disadvantages of AngularJS, AngularJS - MVC Architecture, Hello World Example, AngularJs Building Blocks, Controller Component, Directives, Custom Directives, Scopes, Data Binding, One - Way & Two-Way Data Binding, Expressions, AngularJs Filters, Dependency Injection (DI), Modules, Routing, Services, Tables & Forms, Custom Validation, Animations, AngularJS – Ajax, AngularJS-Includes, AngularJS UI Bootstrap, Sample Project, Interview Questions and Answers


Introduction, What is bootstrap?, About Boots Trap, Who wrote Framework?, Why to choose Bootstrap, Where to use Bootstrap, Applications, Who is using Bootstrap?, Who can learn Bootstrap?, Reference Websites, User community and Resources, Get Started, Writing First Web Page, Quick Styles, What's Inside?, Scripts and Styles, Core Concepts, Download Bootstrap Software, Bootstrap File Structure, Documentation Overview, Basic HTML Template, Global Styles, Layouts,Grids, Panels, CSS & Bootstrap CSS File, Basic Components,Dropdown Menus,Tooltips and Popovers, Scrollspy & Typeahead, Carousel,Transitions and Dropdown, Toggleable Tabs, Sample Project, Interview Questions and Answers

Title No of Hour's
1. HTML 40
2. HTML5 35
3. CSS 35
4. CSS3 30
6. JQUERY 30